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    Spark Spotlight on Chris Cox

    Our Spark Spotlight this week is on Chris Cox, a young adult who found himself fighting alongside his mother in her cancer diagnosis. Chris has so kindly and willingly taken a step back into those tough memories to share with us some insight into the life of a young adult caregiver. Grab a tissue and keep on reading... Q: What was your initial response to your mom’s diagnosis?A: Honestly, when I first heard the news it just seemed unreal.   Read More...

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    Through the Eyes of Eternity

    I think it's pretty safe to say that, whether you're up against cancer yourself or you're watching a loved one fight the disease, a cancer season has a real impact on your life perspective. In causes you to think about things longterm, causes you to get serious about your goals, and passionate about your dreams. It makes you sit back and consider where you're headed, whether this is the end of your life or not.   Read More...

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    Belieb in Community

    “Where are you now that I need ya?” –Justin BieberHave you ever looked closely at our MP Creative designed logo? The “S” is a given…but do you see what makes up the “s”? Text bubbles.   Read More...

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    In 2016, an estimated 1.7 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed. Spark the Way will absolutely help, encourage, support, and love on as many of those 1.7 million that we can reach, but lately, my heart has been aching for the caregivers. For every 1 new fighter, there is at least 1 new caregiver.   Read More...

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    Cancer Insecurities

    Today, I was inspired by...this new study I started this morning that has a purpose of equipping readers for our fight against our insecurities. I started it to work on some things in myself, but as I continued to read, I was quickly sent back to the days of the insecurity battles that came hand-in-hand with cancer. Talk about a throwback Monday.   Read More...

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