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  • Spark Spotlight on Callan K

    Another win for social media! Last month, a Facebook friend sent me a link to a BEAUTIFUL "I truly wish I did not have cancer. I wish I could keep up with everyone else.   Read More...

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    Taco’ Bout Stuffed Peppers

    Lets Taco ‘bout tacos!! Today we are keeping with our Fiesta theme and coming in hot with another variation of my love language… tacos. I promise my next recipe will bring you a different flavor but for now, why mess with a yummy thing?!   Read More...

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    I Think We Should Break Up

    Ever had someone refer to a past relationship as "toxic", if so this is the same thing just when it comes to the products in your home. It is time to be out with the old and in with the new, because we all know the longer you hang on to the "toxic" the harder it is to break up. Switching to non-toxic products is overwhelming, let’s just be honest here. It is one of those things that we all know we should probably do, but it is easier to reach for your trusty tried ...  Read More...

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    Spark Spotlight on Deion

    During patient vists last month at Moffitt Cancer Center, I had the chance to meet 23 year-old, ALL fighter, Deion. Deion is one of those type of guys who is loved by all. It was so funny to watch the nurses perk up at their desks when they heard he was in the building.   Read More...

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    Fiesta Bowls

    This recipe came to mind when I was craving enchiladas, but didn’t want the carbs or have to do all the work of stuffing them and baking them. When I go to the store, I'll see just one small thing, and it speaks to me. Then I try to create a recipe out of it and that was the case with these bowls.   Read More...

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