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    Crust-Less Chicken Pot Pie

    As the leaves are changing, the weather is starting to cool (unless you’re like me and live in FL) our taste buds are starting to crave those savory fall dishes. Who doesn’t love a good chicken pot pie? This one is full of fall flavor and yummy cancer fighting vegetables.   Read More...

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    The Middle

    8:59 pm, April 25, 2018: the moment I was hit by a car.It's been 10 days since this happened and it's still weird to type out. I was hit, by a car. A car hit my body.   Read More...

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    DIY Natural Granite and Quartz Cleaner

    This natural DIY cleaner packs quiet the cleaning power with just four ingredients and no vinegar. All the vinegar haters rejoice!This will not only clean but also disinfect your countertops, and is a cost affordable option that is great for keeping your granite and quartz in tiptop shape without all the nasty chemicals and fumes of commercial grade products.Aside from the hundreds of benefits to your endocrine system, health, lungs and skin one of the things I was very happily surprised by when...  Read More...

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    Spark Spotlight on Callan K

    Another win for social media! A few months back, a Facebook friend sent me a link to a BEAUTIFUL young adult cancer fighter. She does such an amazing job at communicating her journey and glorifying God all throughout, so I wanted to send you her way. Before I do, you should know that I've only gotten a few messages in with this powerhouse, but as a Spark the Way community, we are currently covering her storage unit costs for the next 6 months!   Read More...

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    Taco’ Bout Stuffed Peppers

    Lets Taco ‘bout tacos!! Today we are keeping with our Fiesta theme and coming in hot with another variation of my love language… tacos. I promise my next recipe will bring you a different flavor but for now, why mess with a yummy thing?!   Read More...

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