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Cancer Insecurities

Today, I was inspired by...

this new study I started this morning that has a purpose of equipping readers for our fight against our insecurities. I started it to work on some things in myself, but as I continued to read, I was quickly sent back to the days of the insecurity battles that came hand-in-hand with cancer. Talk about a throwback Monday. (take that #tbt). During cancer, the insecurities seem endless...

-Physically... no hair, sick and weak looking body... how will people see me? 

what do I do when they look at me differently? how do I respond when they talk 

to me like cancer patient is all that I am? 

-Emotionally... lacking security in living without income, lack of confidence 

in your treatments, lack of confidence in yourself to stay strong...

 how do I even begin to feel at peace living in this apartment 

without any idea of how rent will get paid? how can I fully trust that this 

chemotherapy is going to save me? I don't have it in me to keep up the 

strength I need for this

-(And if you're into Jesus) Spiritually... lack of faith in a sovereign, 

all-knowing God, lacking security in the Truth that you have been 

equipped with for this time... If God actually does see me in this, 

how is He letting me go through it? How am I supposed to stay 

faithful in a time like this?

With the exception of the "physically" category, these insecurities apply to anyone whom insecurity touches. And with that, I want to challenge you, then encourage you with this:

Challenge: What are your insecurities? Where do you feel the least secure? And if nothing comes to mind, where have you found a false sense of security to deflect your insecurity? What temporary fix do you hold onto that isn't necessarily the best fix for you? In my cancer season, I conquered the bald insecurity quickly with the help of Maddy Williams and 1 Peter 3:3-5. But for all of the other insecurities, I found way too much of my security in a relationship. What's your false sense of security? 

Encourage: I hope you'll answer those challenge questions to the most real, genuine, and authentic best of your ability. (and I'll do the same) Insecurity is everywhere! And when you do answer them truthfully, don't fear the step you need to make the changes you need. Step. Singular. We try to take a million steps at once and it never works. It's discouraging before you even start. A wise man once told me that ...

For those of you who have faith in Jesus as the Son of God, John 8:36 tells ya that 

"if the Son set you free, you are truly free". 

Rise above the lies of the enemy and walk in the Truth of who you are.

 "True desires for God's best for us is the 

only thing that will keep us going when we want to give up"

I hope you'll take the steps needed to replace your false sense of security with real, eternal, and solid Truth! I will if you will:)

Ignite the Light, Unite to Fight,


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