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Cattle Barrons Ball

Cattle Barron’s Ball, An American Cancer Society Fundraiser, 9/27 Theme: Denim & Diamonds

I was asked a lot of months ago to speak at this event that I’d never heard of. At that time, I was jumping on every speaking opportunity I could so of course I said yes! But I didn’t know what I had signed up for..

The week leading up to September 27 was one of the toughest weeks I’ve had in a long time. My mind was scattered with so many things that I forgot about the simple things. Like grabbing my phone off the roof of my car when pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot. To my dismay, the ‘find my iphone’ app led us to the middle of 19 where my 5c looked a lot like the inside of my brain. Scattered and all over the place. It took 5 days and 3 trips to Trinity to get a functioning phone, but in the mess I got to reconnect with 2 powerful women that I definitely needed to talk to and pray with before Cattle Barrons.

Spiritual warfare at its finest.But where there was darkness, the Lord provided Light.Always.

Saturday comes! My family and I drive up to Leesburg for our 3:00 check in. (American Cancer Society rented a cabin for us for the weekend!) Our backyard view was breathtaking...

5:00, VIP festivities. I got to meet some people on the ACS staff and event sponsors who were so awesome! The pamphlet with my face on the back page came out, that was neat. I read the 2 paragraph bio that I had written earlier in the week but decided I didn’t’ like it. It was something I prayed over so I thought I wrote what God had put on my heart, but did I hear wrong? He answered my question fast when a random man came up to me and said “hey, read your bio. This is the best bio. It encouraged me and I want you to know I’m a man of faith too so I’m excited to hear your story!” Well. Questionable bio problem solved.
Somewhere in the VIP fiesta, I became old and my brotherwas referred to as my son.
7:00 the Cattle Barron’s Ball begins! You guys, I’m freaking out. I’m so pumped and ready to go but at the same time not feeling good at all. Not out of nerves, out of ‘I cheated and ate gluten the day before’. (I have celiac’s) So I’m praying against the sick feelings and praying for confidence and boldness like Drew said. And man did it work…
They called my name and I walked up the stairs and felt more comfortable on that stage than I’ve felt on any stage. And this is my 11thevent. Corey & Abbey Conroy'sboxing picture of me was blown up behind me while the prayers for the Lord to take over my words were answered. Jokes were made, people were cracking up. Pain was shared, people were crying. It was such an emotional 12 minutes for everyone.
I got a “heck yeah, she’s single” yelled from the back and lots of cow bells rang when I told them about my relationship ending. That made me laugh! And I accidentally called everyone inmenopause old...oops :)

That night, we got a standing ovation.
All glory to God, His Word was spoken and alive and the light of Christ was seen.I asked Him to use me, to take over my words and He goes nothing short of crazy with that request. We make a pretty good team, but secretly, He’s the better, more powerful half.So in reality, the standing ovation was His and I’ve never seen a cooler site.

I didn’t make it a full step off the stage before the hugs and tears start all over again. First with the family, then with the strangers. Strangers would come over, hold on to me and just cry. They had painful stories of their own to share or they wanted to hear more of mine. Either way, the conversation always included, "that was something powerful, you should continue on this path" (or along the lines of).

I was told I was glowing, I was told that I had fulfilled my purpose of God putting me there that night. Philippians 4 was shared with someone battling alcoholism, it says “Though I have a lot or alittle, I can do anything with Christ who strengthens me”.I was told that was the most powerful thing they had ever sat through.Stories and stories flowed from my new friends and it was like my heart couldn’t handle it all! All I could think was “praise God”.
I was given business cards and contact info's so I've been going back and forth with a few new friends. You'll find one of my new favorite people below.... :)

SO, all this to say...thank you for praying, supporting and encouraging. The prayer that covered this event made it so completely different than the rest. And it's most certainly not the last...

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