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I Think We Should Break Up

I Think We Should Break Up

Ever had someone refer to a past relationship as "toxic", if so this is the same thing just when it comes to the products in your home. It is time to be out with the old and in with the new, because we all know the longer you hang on to the "toxic" the harder it is to break up. 

Switching to non-toxic products is overwhelming, let’s just be honest here. It is one of those things that we all know we should probably do, but it is easier to reach for your trusty tried and true products. I get it, who needs one more thing that they “should” do among all the other pressures of the world. Here is the thing though, our skin is our largest organ and not only does what we consume matter, so does what we put on our skin and expose our bodies to. I am not one for all the internet scare tactics these days, but the fact is many of the chemicals we are exposing ourselves can put as at a higher risk for cancer, disrupt our endocrine system, and pretty much every other part of our bodies. 

I knew very little about toxic products and chemicals when I dove blindly into this world two years ago (and I am still learning!). It started with a simple goal to clean up the products in my home; I had just finished my cancer treatment and knew I wanted to make some changes in my life when it came to products in my home. I tacked up a goal on fridge, one for every few months and slowly started to chip away at the products in my home. So if you like me are diving into this world below are my top five tips for taking the plunge into the world of all things crunchy (also can we please come up with a better word, I am working on that one!).

  1. Any progress is good progress! Start small, this does not have to be a huge sweep, throw everything away go buy all new in one swoop type approach. Unless that is your thing and you have an unlimited budget then by all means go for it.

  2. Start with the least intimidating area of your home. For me breaking things down into categories helped me tackle one area at a time, and start with the one that feels least overwhelming (beauty products you are madly attached and in love with probably not the best to start with.) Here are the areas I broke my home into:

  •  Cleaning Products
  •  Laundry
  •  Pantry/Kitchen
  •  Pet Care
  • Toiletries and Beauty Products
  1. Pinterest is your friend and so is Google.

  2. Don’t go at it alone, find a friend or two that is interested in the same thing and do it together.

  3. Replace as you go, as soon as you use up something replace it with a non-toxic and better for you product. This was the method I took, and within 6 months, I had almost replaced every product in my home. I saved money and did not overwhelm or stress myself out, win win in my book!

This should be fun, not overwhelming if you approach it that way. 

Bye bye toxic chemicals it's time for a break-up! 


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