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We exist to lead young adults into a 

Light-bearing & fearless fight against cancer!


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Did you know that there are 72,000 cancer diagnoses each year in the young adult generation- that’s one every 8 minutes. Each year, 10,000 young adults die from cancer- that’s 1 every hour. If you visit a US college campus, one out of every 100 students you meet will be a cancer survivor. It has become the number one disease killer among young adults- delayed cancer diagnosis is now disproportionately higher. This neglected gap needs a community and a voice.


Spark the Way is a 501(c)(3) that exists to lead young adults into a light-bearing and fearless fight against cancer. Our mission is made complete through our efforts to raise awareness, provide support and unite a community of young adult fighters, survivors, and caregivers. The result of our initiatives and programs create hope and strength for a neglected young adult generation as we continually believe in their ability to claim victory in the discovery of courage the day of diagnosis. 


     Awareness: “Young adult” is usually not a thought that comes to mind when someone hears the word cancer, but the world needs to know that a diagnosis is spoken over the life of a young adult every 8 minutes. We strive to have a presence at every event and fair we can find. We host an annual Ignite the Light Gala. We partner with hospitals and cancer organizations. We will get this message global!


     Community: We believe in strength in numbers. Proverbs 27:17 says "As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend". As a community, Spark the Way doesn't just claim it, but we live it. Check out our Connect page to see how you can be apart of our mission or nominate someone who needs a little spark in their life. Through our various missions and programs, we're committed to our army. The power of a community like this is enough to extinguish the darkness that walks hand in hand with cancer.


     Support: We believe in the spark. A small, but powerful glimpse of light and encouragement that can ignite the brightest blazes, even in the darkest of days and toughest of battles. We bring the spark- we are the spark!
We believe in the Bible and in the name of Jesus. John 1 says that God created everything through Jesus and that he gave life to everything that was created. Jesus' life brought light to everyone. "The light shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it." John 1:5   Cancer can never extinguish it. Jesus lights the path ahead so we know how to live in all circumstances, including cancer. We do know that not all will agree and believe the same, and we don't expect them too, but everyone does agree that support and encouragement is needed through difficult times and that's why we're here. Our differences will never overpower the love of our community- they'll never stop Spark the Way from serving and sparking. Same beliefs or different, we respect, we love, we serve, we spark!


Ignite the Light, Unite to Fight!



I was diagnosed with cancer when I was 20 years old. In that same month, cancer also  took   the man I dreamt of walking me down the aisle one day. Not too soon after that, my Grammy was diagnosed with cancer and still fighting to this day. 2013 was the year that I found myself repeatedly asking God "why?". But the Bible told me that He is trustworthy, so I chose to believe it...

And I'm really happy that I did! The cancer season brought on a lot of dark days, but I never fought alone. The way my church family encouraged, loved and supported me was a bright light in a really dark place. I saw Matthew 5:16 lived out! Even cooler, my faith in Christ gave me the powerful ability not to fear cancer. I can say with an honest heart, there was not one moment that I was afraid in that season. Now, that is my heart for this world- to equip other young adults to be light-bearing fearless fighters in the cancer war. 

February 5, 2015, Spark the Way became an official 501(c)(3)!! In time, I hope to accomplish a legacy that’s about the people who Spark the Way impacts- the first generation of light-bearing, fearless fighters. Not in shining our own light, but in reflecting God’s. John 1:1-5. This is what my life is about. I believe that regardless of who you are, we should all do something greater than ourselves. Challenging our limits, testing our capabilities, finding our purpose through each step of faith and obedience to our awesome God. I hope you're encouraged to check our Connect page and become apart of Spark the Way. Together, we can make a difference!



What we provide to young adults in need:



The Organizations that support us and help Spark the Way.
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Rachell Moodie is our Vice President.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24 years old and is now in remission. Rachell is passionate about sharing the vision of Spark the Way and inspiring young adults to take God as their partner during their fight. Rachell teaches skin care and makeup artistry with Mary Kay and loves the flexibility that her business gives her to be home with her two daughters and network for Spark the Way at the same time. Connect with Rachell!


Ryan Frankel is our CFO.

He has a Bachelor of Science in Finance, experience with small business ownership, banking and financial service experience, and general knowledge of the Quickbooks application. He is now a Personal Banker with Chase Bank. Ryan’s overall vision with Spark the Way is to assist Madison along with the rest of the board, in making sound financial decisions based on up to date reporting of the overall financial picture of the organization.

Connect with Ryan!

Paula Sorrento is our Secretary.

In the past, she has done sales administration for a numerous amount of successful organizations and companies such as Frankcrum Staffing Inc.,and Bimeco Inc. Paula was also in charge of music and video at Palm Harbor Church. She also has a passion and first-hand experience with young adult cancer as she is the mother of CEO, Madison Miller, and walked every step of her battle with lymphoma alongside of her.

Gabriela Shatto is our Administrative Assistant

and one of Spark the Way’s Ignite the Light Gala Coordinators. She is currently in her senior year at University of Central Florida’s Rosen College of Hospitality studying Event Management. Gabriela has first-hand experience with young adults who are at war with this disease, as she, too, walked alongside CEO, Madison Miller, throughout her battle. With 5 years of customer service experience, taking a lead coordinating role for the Ignite the Light Gala and having participated in many meetings for Spark the Way, Gabriela will be assisting in any administrative duties that may arise.