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MD Anderson with Amy

In March of this year, I was introduced to a spectacular woman who goes by the name of Amy Wright. Amy is 32 and has found herself in her third battle against cancer. She was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2014 and then 6 months later, diagnosed with endometrial cancer. Now, she’s taking her final scans, post-radiation, for a second endometrial cancer diagnosis. Amy is the most friendly and social human being I have ever met. She treats everybody like she’s known them her whole life and loves them so well. Amy is someone you need to know...

This past month, I texted Amy to check in and she filled me in on a trip she had scheduled to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. After some complications with local oncologists, Amy found one that could take on her case and would treat her in the best way. Amy also mentioned that she was going alone, and if you know the mission of Spark the Way, you know that no one fights alone, so I was able to book my flight with hers and now, here we are, wrapping up our time in Houston, Texas.

If you know me, you know I wasn’t created for the heat, and spending 24.5 years in Clearwater, Florida hasn’t changed that. This week consisted of a lot of Amy listening to my whining about the heat, but also a lot of laughs, discoveries, and new friends. I believe God coordinated so many of the introductions we were able to make this week, whether it was on the plane ride here, the guy driving the hotel van, the stranger with the shoes in the elevator, or the manager at Torchy’s tacos.

Starting conversations with strangers means we are able to give a blessing or receive a blessing. 

We went in for Amy’s scan on Wednesday and had her results on Thursday. This was the first time I had seen Amy keep to herself all week- it was one of those “keep to herself” moments where I thought she was thinking and overthinking (it’s what we do best). I was worried she was reading worst case scenario articles on her phone, but true to Amy’s nature, when I asked her what she was reading, her response was “prayers”. The peace that surpasses all situations, including a potential diagnosis, only comes from Jesus…praying, Bible’ing, being. And this girl knows it!

Back to the medical talk, her doctor believes that any leftover mass is inflammation, but they’re planning a biopsy to be sure. Praise. the. Lord. We have been declaring inflammation all week long. So of course, we celebrated with a trip to the aquarium, but can we talk about how weird the aquarium is here? We go from walking past fish tanks to a massive toucan cage, then to the turtle exhibit which was right next to the python tank and white tiger cage. The real fun came in the gift shop…

On Friday, we went to get Torchy’s breakfast tacos for the second time in 3 days, wandered around a bit, and then met up with the incredible Bill Pott’s friend Eric who gave up his entire day off to show us around Houston, feed us more tacos and desserts, and show us his workplace at the NBC News Station. For being a cancer trip, it was pretty eventful!

This morning, Amy woke me up to arms full of more Torchy’s tacos (yes, breakfast in bed), my favorite water, and flowers for the patient visit the Lord coordinated for me today. When I tell you that this girl lives to serve, I mean it with every ounce of my being. Amy is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and friendly people I’ve ever met!

As a supporter of Spark the Way, I cannot thank you ENOUGH for giving this mission the support it needs to be able to fight alongside of young adult cancer patients in such personal and necessary ways. We were able to add some major light to a potentially hard trip discovering Amy's post-radiation results. Cancer is a “we” thing, y’all- thank you for making it possible!

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