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Meet Christy!

Meet Christy!

Hey friends, Christy here I am a healthcare administrator by day and mama to the cutest fur baby Lulu Grace. And while I would not consider myself “crunchy” I love all things health, home and wellness.  Most importantly I love my Savior, I am His because He chose me before I ever chose Him and this story is all His. 

 I grew up in a home that lived, breathed and literally ate health. From an early age, I was taught the importance of staying active and eating well. We were those kids whose parents would never send fruit snacks or little debbies in our lunch, and whose family was “wheat free” before gluten free was ever what it is today.

I went away for college and while I certainly picked “healthier” options than most I would not say I was the picture of health. Fast forward to being diagnosed with celiac and then cancer in 2015’ and I was more motivated than ever to make changes. I had completely overhauled my diet after being diagnosed with celiac disease and was very careful and aware of what I ate and the ingredients in my food but I had not even considered the products I used in my home. I cringe saying this, but I believed if it did not smell like bleach or Lysol it was not clean enough and I never thought “natural” products could work.

In January of 2016, I set my word of the year as intention. Being intentional in my community, family, walk with the Lord and the products I allowed in my home and what I ate. I broke each area down and set a new goal for each month, with each month tackling a different category in my home. I began the slow process of educating myself on what is truly in the products we use and how I could make wiser choices. The more I learned and swapped out the better I started to feel. The lack of regulations surrounding beauty and home products is astounding, but we can make better choices for our families and ourselves.

It is my prayer that this little space of the internet would inspire and encourage you on your own journey to making better choices. God’s word teaches us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit that lives within us and we are responsible for caring for this body. The great thing is this is going to look different for everyone and there is no such thing as perfect. Our culture bombards us with perfect images, standards and unattainable goals that tear us down and make us feel like we are not enough and that is not the point because this is not real life.

I swapped out everything in my home while in graduate school, living on a very tight budget and then while starting my career. I made sacrifices in other areas because this is important to my health and me. You can do this too, and would you believe me if I told you most the products I use in my home will cost you less than what you are used to buying at Target? No matter what your life looks like or what season you are in, this is something you can do and I am so excited to go on this journey with you!

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