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Spark Spotlight on Callan K

Another win for social media! A few months back, a Facebook friend sent me a link to a BEAUTIFUL young adult cancer fighter. She does such an amazing job at communicating her journey and glorifying God all throughout, so I wanted to send you her way. 

Before I do, you should know that I've only gotten a few messages in with this powerhouse, but as a Spark the Way community, we are currently covering her storage unit costs for the next 6 months! Check out the video below and head to Callan's blog, which is also linked below. 

"I truly wish I did not have cancer. I wish I could keep up with everyone else. I am trying to make the most of this and stay positive, but I also have to be honest with myself about where I'm at. I am having trouble seeing God at work. I feel really sad and overwhelmed by the road of recovery ahead. I don’t want to pray. I feel empty and angry. I don't understand why He let me get sick.

However, I know God is doing something in this. He is still good. And He is big enough to allow me to be sad and angry with him for a few days. He can handle all of my emotion and loves me consistently. That is the gospel. Not a promise of exemption from suffering, but a God who walks with you through it. Even on the days when you’re irritable and mean and pouting. Like today: He is with me as I cry and eat ice cream and wrestle with the "why me" question. He doesn't judge me for wanting to stay in bed all day. Instead, He whispers, 

"Rest, I am with you. And I promise I will redeem this."

And He has! As of September 10th, CALLAN IS IN REMISSION!!!! 

Read the rest of "Why Me" and visit Callan's powerful blog!  #CallanCan

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